What are custom parameters?

What are custom parameters?

The five standard UTM parameters (source, medium, campaign, term, and content) are usually enough for a majority of users. But we at utm.io understand that default parameters may not fulfill the requirements of some individuals and enterprises. Marketing campaigns and analytics can become complicated and tracking needs to be flexible enough to reflect that.

So we’ve added custom parameters as a feature when building your tracking links with utm.io. 

Users can now create an infinite number of parameters according to their needs and add them to the link builder. 

You can even save these values in a drop-down in the link builder for yourself and your teammates to save time.

How to add custom URL parameters to your links?

Here is a short video explaining the step-by-step process of making custom parameters and adding them to your links.


  • Plan: This feature is available to all paid plan users (Upgrade now if you’re on a free plan)
  • User Type: 
    • Admins can create new custom parameters. 
    • Admins and Members can save drop-down values.
    • Anyone can use the saved values to create links from the builder.

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