Paramter Groupings AKA Logic based parameters

Parameter Groupings, formerly known as Logic-based parameters, allow you to create parent-child relationships between different parameters. 

For example: If you create the following logic based parameter: 

Medium: Social

Source: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

The dropdown will only show Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as Sources when the Medium ‘Social’ is selected. In other words, when you are building a link, values allowed to a specific parent are filtered.

How to make logic based parameters?

  1. Open you Parameters dashboard
  2. Add a parent parameter  (like Medium: Social)
  3. Add multiple child parameters (like Source: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  4. Next, mouse over the child parameter and click the grouping icon which would also highlight the parameter
  5. Now that both parameters are highlighted, click again on the grouping icon on the parent parameter to connect child to parent
  6. Now that parent and child parameter are connected, repeat the same process to connect another parent to child parameter
  7. Click on the "finish grouping" button to save your logic-based parameter

How to use logic based parameters?

To build a link using Templates:  

  • Open the modal in the web app or extension, 
  • Select the template, which will insert the medium, 
  • Select a parent (like Medium), which should then display the right child value in the dropdown depending on how you setup your logic based (like Source: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). 

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