Pretty Names for Parameters and Attributes

One of the best practices when working with UTMs to get clean and consistent analytics data is to define your UTM taxonomy across your campaigns and teams.

In, this means your team has a pre-defined set of parameter and attribute values to choose from when building UTMs in the link builder.

In the new and improved platform, Pretty Names allows you to clarify the meaning of specific parameters and attribute values to your team members, making it understandable right within the link builder. This will remove any chance of them making mistakes that lead to  inconsistent reporting.

Pretty Name for Parameters

Assume you want to make sure that your team members know the UTM Medium - CPC means Cost Per Click. 

You can use a Pretty Name to easily clarify this without altering the parameter value in the link builder.

Pretty name for Attributes

For example, let's assume in your UTM taxonomy document you have defined the following location attribute values;

CAA represents Canada

CA represents California

With these similar abbreviations, your team members may easily get confused and mistakenly use one in place of the other when building links.

You can use Pretty Names to eliminate possibility of such mistakes in link builder by distinctively designating that CAA is Canada and CA is California.

Before using Pretty Name

After Using Pretty Name

How to set Pretty Names for Parameters and Attributes

  1. Go to you parameters or attributes dashboard.
  2. Mouse over the parameter or attribute value, click on the gear icon and then click on "settings".
  3. Fill in the pretty name in the modal that pops up, then click the save button.

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