SSO is available for all Customers as an add-on to their account. If you would like to add on SSO please reach out to [email protected] for more information to activate.

SSO Login

Step 1: Navigate to the login page, and click the "Sign in with SSO"

Step 2: Enter the email associated with the SSO App. This would be for example your Google workspace email address. After you enter the email and press submit if you have a valid account via your identify platform, you will be redirected to your link page. 

SSO Setup 

If you are the "Owner" of the account you can manage your SSO options. All other users cannot set up or control the addon.

Step 1: Navigate to your Account Dropdown and select Setup SSO.

Step 2: Provide the following information, Company Name and the domains that are connected with your identity provider, like through the Google SSO Apps found in your admin panel. EG: Your company domain. 

Step 3: Choose your provider and follow the related instructions shown on the screen. In this example, we will be using Google SAML as our platform.

Step 4: Set up your provider. Just follow the steps to guide you through the process of acquiring the credentials from your provider to enter into for enabling the SSO Connection.

Step 5:  Once you have completed the steps in the guide you will need to test your configuration. 

Please note there may be a delay of up to 3 hours for us to initially validate the credentials and integrate our UTM SSO functionality with your authentication system. If the SSO feature does not work immediately you can always come back to the app in a few hours to check its connection. You may access the SSO manage panel under the account dropdown in the top right corner in the app.

Managing your SSO Setup

Step 1: Navigate to your Account Dropdown and select Setup SSO.

Step 2: Enter the manage screen to have the ability to see who is logging in and the credentials attached to your SSO account. We will also let you know when your credentials are about to expire to ensure you have no logic issues when the expiry arrives.

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