What is UTM.io?

UTM.io is a platform and Chrome extension that helps you and your team build uniform UTMs. 

The platform allows you to create UTMs on the fly from anywhere on the web. You can also use templates to ensure you always use the same UTMs. 

Another great feature is the ability to effectively collaborate with your team when using UTMs. Templates can be synced between team members to keep you all on the same page. 

You also have the ability to track all your UTMs, their links, and notes in your admin section. This way you never forget a UTM again and have something to refer back to when you don't remember what a UTM means. 

You can sign up for UTM.io at UTM.io/signup

Or you can start by downloading our Chrome Extension:  https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/effin-amazing-utm-builder/eoaapiimcaimddnfhfnifgkinmpcbccp?hl=en

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