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A URL shortener is a good option when you have a lengthy or unattractive URL that you want to share online on social media, websites. A URL shortener is a way to make a long URL shorter.

One of the most common reasons people want a short URL is to save character space when typing messages on Twitter and other sites that limit the number of characters you can use in an update.

Another good reason to use a URL shortener is when you have a lengthy and unattractive URL on an ISP or free Web hosting service. In some cases you can use a shortener to have a more pleasing Web address. Short URLs are also useful when sharing an extremely long URL over in email or other published marketing material where there is a chance the long link could be broken during message transmission.  

A URL shortener works by using a “Redirect”. Simply put, the new URL (the short URL) will redirect users to the old URL (the long URL).  

The link shortener and branded shortener provide link tracking which allows you to track individual link analytics and measure campaign performance.

To use the shortener, simply make sure the “Shorten URL” Box is checked, click “Shorten,” then click “Copy” to copy the shortened URL to your clipboard.

The shortener also gives you the ability to edit shortened links after they’ve been created. For example, if you would like to link to content on another website before having similar content of your own, you can create a shortened URL to direct to that outside content. When your content is ready, you can update that shortened URL to now direct to your content without having to change the link which eliminates your having to swap the new link out in your marketing materials. 

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