How to edit or delete a template

To get the most value from, we recommend effectively utilizing templates. UTM Templates make it quick and easy to fill in your most commonly used UTM parameters. Instead of filling these in manually each and every time, for your most commonly used parameters, simply store them in your UTM Templates so that you may access them quickly for future use.  

A template is a saved combination of UTM parameters that are used often and sometimes by multiple team members. They allow you to skip the tedium of re-entering the same details time and again.

For example, you may post a lot of content and branded links to Twitter, and many times when doing so you define the same Source, Medium, and Campaign.

Over time, a template may become outdated and need to be either edited or deleted. As you being to use the tool more and get more familiar with the templates you’re creating, you may find that some of your templates no longer make sense and need to be deleted.

To manage templates, navigate to the templates dashboard in the web app.

To edit a template, click the Pencil icon to the left of the template you’d like to make changes to. To delete a template, click the Trashcan icon to the left of the template you’d like to permanently delete.

You can edit or delete templates from within the Chrome extension as well.

To do so, open the extension, click the “Template” dropdown. To the right of each template will be a pencil icon and a trashcan icon to either edit or delete that UTM template. 

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