Who can see my workspace?

Workspaces are a great way to organize your UTM links and templates within a team.

Workspaces were formerly called Projects. Some articles may still be in the process of being updated

By default, all team members will have access to view your workspaces.

Depending on the size and various responsibilities of your team, you may wish to limit which workspaces users have access to. If you would like to make a workspace private or only visible to specific team members, you will need to update the workspace’s settings to be private and invite users to view it.

Navigate to the “Workspace” button in the top navigation bar and click to open the dropdown. Click on "Manage Workspaces"

Then, use the pencil icon to edit Workspaces

If you would like the workspaces visible to specific team members, you will need to enter the email address they use for their utm.io account in the field labeled, “Add Users. If they don’t currently use utm.io, you will need to invite them and ensure they accept the invitation before adding them to specific workspace. 

You can remove users from this window as well.

When all email addresses have been updated, click “Save Workspace.”

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