How to use the bulk link builder

Making UTM links should be quick and easy, especially when you have to make multiple links for the same thing. That's exactly why we created the bulk link builder. 

To bulk create UTM links, open up your link builder, insert a link into the URL bar and then select multiple templates.  (learn more about templates here)

Usually, people will use the same source and medium when posting social links, and then they assign one campaign name or campaign term to all of those links. Simply enter in your UTM parameters in the empty fields to have that parameter applied to all of the links. 

You can only have one manually entered parameter per field, and you cannot add to the field which has already been filled with a template unless you want to overwrite that parameter in the template. 

Once you have clicked on the bulk create links you will want to hit the bulk save links found on the bottom so you can copy and paste them later. 

WARNING: When using the Chrome Extension you cannot copy the link directly from the extension, you must save the bulk links to your dashboard and copy from the dashboard. This is due to a limitation Google imposes on chrome extensions. Please save your bulk links from the chrome extension and copy them from your dashboard.

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