What is a Viewer role?

This article focuses on the Viewer role. Go to the following one for a full explanation of user roles available in utm.io.

The Viewer role is a role with limited restrictions. It is only available to Enterprise clients.

The purpose of the Viewer role is that the user can only create new links based on existing templates and parameters. This role ensures that a user has little to no opportunity to make mistakes that would lead to inconsistent links. This is great when the admin wants to manage a very complex UTM Taxonomy or a large team of people. 

When using the link builder or Chrome extension, a Viewer can only:

  • Edit the URL
  • Use saved parameters from the dropdown when creating new links
  • Review existing templates
  • Select an existing shortener
  • Add notes

The Viewer role cannot be used to:

  • Create new templates
  • Fill out fields in the link builder with new parameters
  • Add a new shortener
  • Create or save new parameters
  • Manage or create existing workspaces
  • View any workspace she/he is not invited to
  • Invite or manage users

At first glance of a Viewer, the link builder looks a lot like the admin or member link builder. But, in all of the fields (except notes), the Viewer will only be able to use the dropdown. They won’t be able to type in their own options. If the Viewer wants to change something in an existing template, create a new one, or add new saved parameters, they will need to notify the admin or a member to request them to add anything new to the Workspace.

[Caption: Dropdown options only are available to the Viewer in all fields except notes]

How to Invite or Set Up a Viewer

To set up a new Viewer user:

  1. Go to the “Invite Users” screen and click “Invite Member” button
  2. Once you’ve put in an email address, select Viewer under the Role dropdown
  3. Select at least one workspace for the new user
  4. Confirm and the email address will receive an invitation

To change the role of an existing user:

  1.  Click on a pencil icon in the user list
  2. Select a new role in the dropdown and hit Save

Workflow Benefits of the Viewer Role

  • A Viewer is prevented from creating inconsistent UTM parameters that can cause inaccuracies that will affect your analytics. They can’t create UTM parameters that would lead to splintered or misleading data in your campaign or channel reports. Assuming that the admin created correct saved parameters, a Viewer can’t use duplicated parameters for any of the five categories (campaign, medium, source, term, content), or new custom parameters. 
  • A Viewer can’t access admin features that you may want to keep out of their reach, such as existing workspaces, workspace users, or billing.
  • It’s easier for a new user to learn a tool from a simplified viewer interface. We often see the Viewer role in use for new hires, marketing coordinators, short-term interns, or other junior positions.

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