How to edit a link

You can edit and delete any link you created. Unless you are an Admin, you will not be able to edit links that were created by other team members. Admins can edit and delete any links in their workspace.

To edit a link, use the edit button (shown below). 

Once you click the edit button, the link edit modal will open. 

In the link edit modal, you can:

  • Edit the URL;
  • Select another value or create a new value for each UTM parameter (campaign, medium, source, term, and content);
  • Add a new custom parameter;
  • Add notes;
  • Edit the customizable short URL (for custom branded domains only). Please note that if you change this value, the previous version of the shortened URL will stop working.

After editing, click the Save button to implement your changes. After pressing Save, all changes will take effect immediately. 

If you change the shortened URL back-half, the previous version of the URL will stop working immediately after you press Save. If you have already posted the original shortened URL, we strongly recommend that you duplicate the link and update the URL for the duplicate, keeping the original as a separate link so it continues to work. This will ensure that the original links continue to work.

To delete a link:

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