How to Use the “Group By” Dropdown to Stay on Top of Your Growing Amount of Campaign Links

Your marketing team has been pumping out new campaigns and high-quality content at volume. Your audiences have grown, your distribution is on point, and you now add UTM parameters to social media as well as email links like there’s no tomorrow. Also, because you appreciate an amazing marketing stack, you’ve been using for a while.

This may mean that you need to organize your links by campaign when you’re reviewing how your team members have been using them. Easily audit and review links and parameters by campaign grouping.

The scenario is not something we just made up. We like to get creative, but we love to stay pragmatic. The Group By dropdown is a feature we added after users like you brought the need to our attention.

The Steps for Using the “Group By” Dropdown

The dropdown is super easy, but there are a few tips we can give you to use it like the pro that you are:

  1. Start in the Links tab
  2. Click on the Group By dropdown. You’ll see two options - Links and Campaigns. Grouping byLinks is the default. Click on Campaign to change that.
  3. You’ll see a more focused list of links because the links are now grouped by the campaign. It feels great to get organized. Long live grouping.
  4. Compare and sort the campaign groups by creation date, count of links, count of clicks.
  5. Try expanding each group and sorting it the way you would sort the default grouping - but for that campaign only. You’re even able to set a date range for the links you’re sorting.
  6. Use the insight you just drew to further improve your UTM routine.

Who Can Use the “Group By” Dropdown

Admins, members, and viewers have full access to using the Group By dropdown.

Benefits of Group by Campaign

By default, your links in are shown individually. After some time of using the app, your list, shown in a table, will become long, complex, and take up multiple pages.

What’s great is that the table can be ordered by a multitude of dimensions - e.g. the team member who created the link, the date the link was created, the number of clicks on that link, all parameters, URLs:

Yet, the link table can get very long and difficult to organize for many of us. There will be times when you want to organize it by campaign name. This will let you, for instance:

  • Stay organized when your link lists become massive
  • Focus on one campaign only when reviewing your team’s work with UTM’s
  • Focus on one campaign only when creating reports about that campaign
  • Look at the date the whole campaign was first entered into
  • Compare campaigns to each other by the number of links or clicks
  • Sort campaigns by the number of links or clicks

We’re looking forward to seeing how this feature helps your work If you still need help, have feedback or ideas, please contact us [email protected]

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