How to build UTM conventions in

How to use Dynamic Variables to build advanced UTM conventions: allows you to build UTM conventions using dynamic variables. 

Let's say you want to create the following UTM campaign convention for one of your campaigns. 

UTM Campaign {{campaign name}}-{{Sales region}}-{{goal}}
UTM Medium email
UTM Source mailchimp

Building this UTM convention using dynamic variables is very easy using 

You can easily create conventions using dynamic variables like {{region}} and {{goal}} 

Here is how it is done:

  1. Type in summer in the campaign field.
  2. Add -{{region}}-{{goal}} after ‘summer’ in the campaign field. 
  3. Type in email in medium and Mailchimp in source
  4. Select values for sales region and goal. In this case, we have selected the sales region as ‘DE’ and the goal as ‘awareness’. 
  5. The builder will automatically select the values in 'sales region' and 'goal' to create the link
  6. Here is a screenshot showing all the components in the link builder.  

A video walk-through on how to build UTM Conventions in

Pro Tip: Attributes vs Parameters

  • allows you to create conventions using parameters, attributes, and a combination of both of these fields.
  • The difference between the two fields is that a parameter will show on the url but the attribute only shows up on the dashboard and is not a part of the link itself. 
  • For this example, we will use both a parameter and an attribute to build a UTM convention. 

Creating a new parameter and attribute with drop-down values:

First, we need to add the sales region and goal as a parameter and attribute respectively. 

Sales region -> parameter

The newly created parameter ‘sales’  is categorized into four components: US, UK, EMEA, and DE.

Goal -> attribute

The newly created attribute ‘Goal’ is further categorized into three components: awareness, branding, and lead generation. 

Who can build conventions in

Plan: This feature is available on the Enterprise plan. Please upgrade or contact support if you need access to this feature

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