The UTM.io REST API allows users to access and manage their UTM link data programmatically. This can be used to automate link creation, update or retrieve link data, or integrate UTM.io with other software systems. Rate limiting applies to all customers.

The API is only available to the Premium and Enterprise Account Tiers by request only. 

API Documentation

Creating an API Key

Step 1: If you have admin or owner permission for your account. Navigate to the API Keys Page

Step 2: Click the Create API Key

Step 3: Select a name and a user to tie the key to. 
The API key works on behalf od the user. The ensures the workspace rules that are set continue to validate property just like the UI. 

Step 4: Copy your API Key to use in your connection. Do not share this API key with others.

Step 5: Navigate to the API Document to make your first call.

API Documentation

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