What is a UTM Campaign Name? How do I fill it in?


UTMs are the best way to track your marketing efforts in almost all analytics tools. Any link you create using UTMs will have custom tracking so you can see exactly how someone is interacting with your site after landing on your site from the UTM link.

One of the most important parts of a UTM link is the Campaign Name. In the UTM.io builder (Chrome extension or web dashboard), this is called “Campaign.”

The Campaign Name should be used to segment all of your individual campaign efforts. For example, you may be running a spring cleaning sale across multiple channels. By giving all of the UTMs on all of those different channels the same UTM Campaign name, you can roll up all of the campaigns into one report. Learn more about campaign roll-ups in Google Analytics here.

[link to campaign roll up article in Google Analytics].

The Campaign Name can also be seen in many other analytics tools. If you need help finding it, reach out to us at [email protected] and our team of analytics experts will help you get the report you need in any analytics tool.

Ok, back to creating a UTM Campaign Name.

To decide on a Campaign Name, just think of the most common way your team describes the campaign. Once you have come up with a name, make sure you use the exact same campaign name in all of your UTM links.

We recommend making all characters in your UTMs lowercase. This will prevent issues with UTM duplicates in your analytics tools. If you have “Spring cleaning sale” on one link, but “spring cleaning sale” in another link, your analytics tool will treat this as two separate campaigns.

[show two campaign with capitals in analytics tool]

Once you have decided on your Campaign Name and your team is on the same page, you can add this directly to the UTM builder. Type it in the “Campaign” field and it will be added to your UTM URL. [show gif of this]

To make this process even faster in the future, and to ensure your team uses the same Campaign Name, you can create templates for your Campaigns. Learn more about the value of templates and how to use them here. 

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