What is a UTM source? How do I fill it in?

Having UTM links will improve your team’s overall measurement abilities, in turn allowing you to know what is working, what needs to be optimized, and what you should stop doing.

When building a UTM link, one of the most important values you have to set is the Campaign Source. In the UTM.io UTM builder, we show Campaign Source as “Source.”

If you already know your Source and don’t need help, you can watch this gif and stop reading. All you have to do is enter your Source in the field with the rest of your needed UTM values and you are ready to copy your full UTM link.

Coming up with the Source of your UTM is pretty straightforward. The best way to think about Source is to think of the location or platform where the link was pasted. For example, if I built an email in Mailchimp, I would name the Source “Mailchimp” because this is the location where I put the link.

As another example, if I shared something on Facebook, I would make the Source “Facebook” because that was the location/platform where I placed the link.

The Campaign Source should not be confused with the Campaign Medium. To learn more about Campaign Mediums, please visit this support article . 

If you are still not sure what to name your UTM Campaign Source, please check out our other resources or reach out to our analytics experts at [email protected].

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