What is a UTM Term? How do I fill it in?

Tracking your efforts using UTMs is the best way to measure your efforts. When building a UTM, you need to decide on multiple UTM values, which we outline here. In this article, we want to talk specifically about setting your UTM Campaign Term, which we call “Term” in our products.

The Term of the UTM is the keyword used to send the traffic back to your site. In many cases, the Term is the actual keyword in your paid media tool, like Adwords or Bing.

If you already know what your Term is, you can stop reading.

To learn how to create a Campaign Term, please keep reading :)

In AdWords, the Term would be the exact keyword a user clicks to visit your site. This can be dynamically set in AdWords by inserting {keyword} into the Term section of your UTM. AdWords will automatically update the term to have the keyword a user clicked on, enabling you to better understand which keywords convert people into customers.

This is very important because if you are running ads across AdWords and Bing, you can compare how a specific keyword performs on either channel/network.

Term could also be used if you write a guest blog post on another site. If you have a specific word in your post linked back to your site, you could use that word as the Term in your UTM link. This is not the only way to track this. You can also use the UTM Campaign Content (just “Content” in our products) to identify what people clicked in a post. Learn more about UTM Campaign Content here. 

If you are still not sure what to name your UTM Campaign Term, please check out our other resources or reach out to our analytics experts at [email protected].

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