What is a Viewer role?

This article focuses on the Viewer role. Go to the following one for a full explanation of user roles available in utm.io.

The viewer role is a role with special restrictions. It’s available only for Enterprise clients.

The main idea is that a Viewer can only create new links based on existing templates. A Viewer can’t create new templates, can’t fill out fields in the link builder and can’t add new shortener.

A user with the viewer role will see the link builder with most fields disabled and will be able to fill URL, notes, select template, and shortener:

To set up a Viewer user go to the “Invite users” screen and click “Invite Member” button:

Fill out the form and select “Viewer” role in the dropdown:

Click “Confirm” button and a user will receive an invitation.

To change the role of existing user click on a pencil icon and select a new role:

Benefits of the viewer role

  • A viewer can’t make any mistakes that affect analytics, for example, use wrong or duplicated campaigns, mediums, sources, etc. 
  • A viewer can’t access any data that you don’t want them to access (templates management, projects, Billing etc.).
  • It’s much easier for a new user to learn a tool from a simplified viewer interface.

How the viewer should use the builder

The viewer has some restrictions in using the tool. The viewer can’t create projects, templates, can’t invite users and can’t fill out field in the link builder. 

When he opens the link builder they see most fields inactive:

To create a link they should fill out the URL field and select one of the existing templates. They can fill out notes and select a shortener.

If the viewer wants to change something in an existing template or create a new one, they should address this to the owner of the account.

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